Summary of Art Opportunities:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Sculptures
  • Suspended Sculptures/Mobiles
  • Original Works of art in all media
  • Original Works of art in all media Giclee Prints/Photography Prints
  • Image Licensing for Artwork for a variety of media
  • Digital Artists to design large scale environmental graphics based on a theme

About Scripps Health

As a part of the Scripps Health Master Plan Program of building and renovating their hospitals and clinics throughout San Diego County, Scripps Health is inviting artists to apply for this Call for Artists to be considered for art purchase or commissioning in their various projects. This is the largest expansion in the health care system’s 125-years.

Scripps’ vision is to build a health care system of the future and focus on delivering the right care in the right setting that reflects the changing health care needs of the communities they serve across the San Diego region. The master plan accounts for changing health care trends. Flexible space designs will recognize the rapid evolution of technology so that the latest equipment and devices can be easily incorporated into operating rooms, laboratories, diagnostic centers and state-of-the-art private patient rooms. Floors will be designed following best practices and nurses will be placed closer to patients to have more direct access to equipment and supplies, increasing their efficiency and improving their ability to deliver the highest quality care possible. Facilities will be designed to promote patient healing and comfort and will make efficient use of natural resources.

Scripps Health recognizes the healing value of the arts to improve patient, visitor and staff experiences and will be selecting artists who can positively impact the environment based on the latest best practice information and evidence in the field of Arts in Health.

Description of the Project

Aesthetics, Inc. of San Diego, national leader in developing Arts Programs for Healthcare,  has been hired as the arts consultants for numerous projects, to assist in the selection of artists, contracting/commissioning of artwork and the coordination of installation for several locations in the Scripps Health hospital system in California. To that end, Aesthetics, Inc. is compiling a catalogue of eligible artists living or working in California, with emphasis on artists from Southern California counties. Artists who work in various media will be considered for future commission or purchase of artwork and whose artwork represents the criteria listed in this Call for Artists will be selected for hospitals and medical buildings throughout San Diego County.

For more information about the Scripps Health Master Plan, click on the following link:

Art Criteria

Aesthetics, Inc. is looking for artwork in a wide variety of media including sculpture, two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork, original art, oil, watercolor, and acrylic paintings, limited edition prints, giclee prints, mixed media art, glass, mosaics, wall sculpture, fabric art, collages, and photography. Existing and commissioned artwork will be considered. Art will be placed in the gardens, patio terraces, corridors, conference rooms, administrative and staff areas, waiting and consultation rooms, patient rooms, treatment spaces and a variety of other public and non-clinical areas.

Please consider that we are inspiring patients, visitors and staff of all ages, genders and ethnicities. Inventive, uplifting, yet sensitive works are encouraged. All artwork should be safe to touch, sturdy and made of non-toxic materials.

Diversity Statement

As part of our commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the field of arts in health, we aim to amplify traditionally underrepresented voices. Applicants are encouraged to share if they identify with one or more historically marginalized groups (examples include but are not limited to Immigrant, Indigenous, International, LGBTQIA, Person of Color, Person with a Disability, Person of Size, Socioeconomic Disadvantage). Aesthetics, Inc. encourages applicants who come from one or more of these historically marginalized populations. If you feel comfortable, please share how you represent diversity in one or more of these areas.

Artist Portfolios

Please include either professional photographs of your artwork or images of individual works that can be printed (at a 300-dpi resolution) and/or installation or exhibition images that feature your work. Please note; this Call for Artists asks for applications to include a selected portfolio of artists’ existing work, and not new designs or models created specifically for this project.

Art Program Guiding Principles

Create an arts program that supports a healing environment and:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety and  improves satisfaction;
  • Utilizes evidence-based principles to support and reinforce patient outcomes;
  • Appeals to patients of all ages;
  • Engages the geographic, philanthropic, corporate and cultural communities as partners in building and sustaining our high-quality art programs; and
  • Represents the geographic areas that we serve.

Criteria used to select artists for commissions will be:

  • Quality, creativity and strength of artwork concepts and workmanship as evidenced in images of past work and a professional resume
  • Ability to demonstrate the creativity and style that will support the guiding principles of the art program and support the desired population
  • Technical competence as evidenced by images of past work and a professional resume
  • Aptitude for planning, budgeting and individually working on teams as evidenced by a professional resume and professional references
  • Experienced and can demonstrate aptitude for working on art projects collaboratively with design team and stakeholders
  • Accessible to appropriate technology (email/drop box) for communicating efficiently and effectively


Category A. Indoor and Outdoor Sculptures – between $5,000 and $50,000 each

Category B. Suspended Sculptures/Mobiles– between $15,000 and $50,000 each

Category C. Original Works of Art in all media (20” x 30” – 24” x 36”)– between $500 and $750 each (unframed)

Category D. Original Works of Art in all media (30” x 40” – 48” x 96”)– between $2,500 and $10,000 each (unframed)

Category E. Giclee Prints (16” x 20” – 24” x 36”) – between $200 and $600 each (unframed)

Category F. Image Usage for Artwork Printed on various media – $150 per each image usage

Category G. Digital Artists or Fine Artists who can create successful quarter scale imagery for large scale areas based on a theme – between $1,500 and $10,000. Artwork/graphics will be printed on a variety of different appropriate healthcare materials.


This is a multiphase project. Many of the public spaces will be commissioned from 2022 to 2027, as part of a public space remodel project. Many of the other areas will be commissioned or purchased as departments are remodeled over the next seven (7) years.

Art Project Schedule:

October 15, 2021:   Call For Artists available online

January 5, 2022:  First Tier of Artists who will be selected for projects being completed in 2022 or commissioned for larger, more long term projects.

This Call for Artist will stay open after January 5, 2022 for artists who will be considered for purchase or commission for future years.

All artists will be notified that their submittal has been accepted. Aesthetics, Inc. reserves the right to revise this timeline, in its sole discretion and without notice.

Aesthetics, Inc. is not obligated to notify artists when incomplete entries are received. Incomplete entries will not be reviewed. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that entries are complete and submitted correctly through website.

Any individual or professional artist who currently resides or works in California, is eligible to apply. Artists working in all mediums may apply. 

Artist Compensation

The actual fee for commission or price for purchase will not exceed the wholesale price customarily charged by the artist for similar artworks when sold through a gallery.


For all questions concerning this Call for Artists, please contact Pam Nickell at Aesthetics, Inc. at This call for artists has been written to share with all of the artists in the county regardless of their previous experience.


Responsibility for Submittals: Although we will make every effort to protect the materials you submit, Aesthetics, Inc. is not responsible for the loss or damage of any submittal materials submitted.

CFA Revision: Aesthetics, Inc. reserves the right to revise this CFA, including, but not limited to the submittal due date, the number of artists accepted, the timeline, the art budget, and the selection criteria at any time within its sole discretion.

Responsibility for Submittal Costs: Aesthetics, Inc. is not liable for any cost incurred by any person responding to this CFA. The applicant is fully responsible for all submittal costs. Aesthetics, Inc. does not assume any contractual or financial obligation as a result of the issuance of this CFA, the preparation and submittal of a submittal by a respondent, the evaluation of an accepted submittal, or the selection of finalists.

Submittal Acceptance/Rejection: Aesthetics, Inc., and Scripps Health, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to reject any or all submittals received and to accept or reject any or all of the items in the submittal. Aesthetics, Inc. reserves the right to negotiate with any respondent after submittals are opened, if such action is deemed to be in best interest. Aesthetics, Inc. acceptance and review of a submittal and/or submitted artwork concept, or artwork design does not constitute a commitment to award a commission to any artist or team.

Decline to Award: Aesthetics, Inc., and Scripps Health, at its sole discretion, reserve the right to not award the commission to any artist (or artist team) due to inappropriateness of art.

Copyright: A version of the following language will appear in the contracts between Aesthetics, Inc. and Artist:

The Artist retains all copyrights to any and all of the Artist’s submittals and, except as provided below, to the Artwork.

Irrevocable License to Reproduce for Non-Commercial Purposes: The Artist hereby grants Aesthetics, Inc. and Scripps Health irrevocable license to make, or cause to be made, photographs and other two-dimensional reproductions of the Artwork or the Artwork Design for educational, public relations, fundraising, tourist and arts promotional purposes without payment of a royalty to the Artist.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.